Catrina Ossmann


Catrina Ossmann is a creative professional with a passion for keeping up with marketing trends and tools to help businesses and nonprofits. Catrina creates and implements marketing strategies for organizations in a wide variety of industries. She has extensive experience in social media strategy, organizing events, email marketing, research and writing copy for websites that increase brand awareness and customer engagement.

Catrina followed her passion for helping entrepreneurs and launched Clever Ideas Marketing in 2011 to offer marketing and PR services for small businesses and nonprofits.

She also works with many local organizations, volunteering her time to help promote causes close to her heart.



“Clever Ideas Marketing has been a great partner to what I do, as an account executive in radio broadcasting. Catrina is great at narrowing in on profit producing advertising and marketing initiatives. She knows how to generate leads and help businesses grow within their true target-market, rather than wasting money. She is thorough and follows-up. In fact, she can be tough, because she really wants to focus her own energy on things that work, rather than simply continuing to do the same things that haven't brought the success as expected. One of the best things about Catrina, is she is priced lower than she should be. Honestly, right now she should go change her rates because she does way more than you would expect for the little bit of money coming out of your business. I highly recommend her expertise and also challenge everyone to let her truly design a plan and be trusting enough to let her implement it. You won't regret it.”

— Ashley Gonzalez, WLEN


“Catrina is a gifted and talented marketer. She served as a contract member of our marketing team for over a year. Her work for us was timely, well thought out, and effective. What sets her apart in my mind is her willingness to understand the organization she's representing. Catrina never began by throwing out ideas or leading with her past successes. She wanted to know our brand voice, our distinctive traits, and our vision so that her work aligned well with our goals. We learned a lot from her during our time together and are grateful for her investment in us. We're certainly further ahead as the result..”

— Jeff Jameson, Lenawee Christian Ministries


“We hired Catrina to help set up our business FB page, website & google account for T’s Pro Wash. She is available whenever we have a question or need our page up dated. We like she lets us have as much input in the decisions with what goes on the pages/websites. She is always trying to promote us. The pages look great and very professional. Her prices are very responsible. We highly recommend her!! Thank you Catrina."”

— Tammy McClure, T’s ProWash

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